Admissions Procedure

Our academic year commences in April and ends the following March. 
We’re committed to making the Admissions process as simple and comprehensible as possible.

Admissions are open to all students of all nationalities all year round, subject to availability of seats, with the exception of students of CBSE 11/12 and IB Year 1 and 2.

For IB students: Academic year starts in July and concludes in the following June.

As the Admissions Team begins reviewing applications for new intake in January each year, we recommend that you plan and complete your admission materials well in advance to avoid rush hour.

For international students, click here to view our Student Recruitment Agents  appointed by us to facilitate the process.   

  • To view our student recruitment agents, please click here.


For students holding Singapore citizenship – in accordance with Singapore Law – the Admissions Office will submit a request to the Ministry of Education, Singapore (MOE) for approval to study in the School, before the application can be processed for further review.

Please note that, in compliance with the requirements of CPE, GIIS is required to purchase insurance on behalf of its students to protect student fees. The coverage takes effect on the day the fee payment is made, and students receive a soft copy of the Certificate of Insurance by email from the insurance provider and a hardcopy of the Certificate from GIIS, if requested.



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Open House

At GIIS, we hold a large variety of events to help you learn more about the academic programs, admission process, campus tour, value added learning opportunities and many more. Click on the link for more information to find out more!




Admissions Office

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Office Hours :

Monday to Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 1:00pm

Call us at +65 6914 7100