General FAQ


  • What is the admission process at GIIS/GMP?

Admission process at GIIS is simple. Fill up the registration form online, take an assessment test for students, submit documentation and pay registration and term fees. For detailed information on these various steps, please visit our Admissions page at You can also view the details on Admissions Procedure.  


  • When does the Academic session commence?

Academic sessions for various Grades commence at various times.

For Nursery to Grade 11: Academic session starts from April to March

For CBSE Grade 12: Academic session starts from February

For IBDP: Academic session starts from July


  • What documents do you need for admission?

The list of all documents are mentioned on the website. All documents need to be submitted during the time of admission, except the Transfer Certificate which can be done within a month.


  • What is sibling discount?

Parents will get a waiver of 25% in tuition fees for younger siblings of their first born who also opt for admission in the school.


  • What is the criteria for admission?

Three things are taken into consideration:

1. The child’s age

2. The completion of their previous Grade and

3. Their aptitude

We conduct an assessment test, to gauge the child’s aptitude.


  • What is the criteria for GMP admissions?

For Nursery level admissions - The student should be 2.5 years old and above

For K1 admissions - The student should be 3 years old and above before March 31


  • Do you have Kindergarten in all the campuses?

Currently, the kindergarten programme is run in 2 of our campuses: 

SMART Campus-Punggol

+65 6914 7100
27 Punggol Field Walk, 
Singapore 828649


East Coast Campus 

+65 6914 7000 

82 Cheviot Hill, Singapore - 459663


  • Do you accept admissions in higher grades?

Yes, seeking admissions for higher grades, will need the Principal’s approval. The student needs to appear for an assessment test and submit his/her report card for the last two years.


  • Do you take admissions mid-year?

Admissions are open throughout the year.


  • What is the curriculum offered at GIIS?

The curricula offered at GIIS is multi-layered.

For Nursery - Kindergarten: Global Montessori Plus (GMP) 

For Grade 1 - 5: IB Primary Years Programme (PYP)

For Grade 1 - 12: CBSE

For Grade 6 - 8: Cambridge Lower Secondary 

For Grade 9 - 10: IGCSE

For Grades 11-12: IBDP


  • How many Academic Terms are there in a year?

There are three Academic Terms in a year. April - July, August - November, and December - March

Our session starts in April and ends in March the next year.


  • What are the school timings?

For students of Grade 1 onwards, the school timing is 9:00 am - 3:40 pm. For Nursery and Kindergarten students, it is from 9:00 am - 12:30 pm


  • What are the options for second language?

GIIS offers Hindi, Tamil and French as optional second languages.


  • What is the options for 3rd language?

The 3rd Language is introduced in Grade 6. GIIS offers Hindi, Tamil, French, Spanish, Sanskrit and Mandarin as options for 3rd language.

Student Life

Campus Life

  • Where can I get student uniforms?

We have a dedicated shop which caters to the needs of our students.

Bibi and Baba, #02- 28, Far East Shopping Centre, 545 Orchard Road Singapore 238882.

Please do not buy the sports uniform unless a House is allocated to the child.


  • Where do we collect the books?

Books can be collected post registration, from the respective campuses. Mode of payment will be Nets flashpay.


  • What is the frequency of Parent-Teacher meetings?

Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTMs) are regularly arranged by the school to communicate progress of the child. Parents can also initiate a meeting with any teacher by appointment through our MyGIIS portal or through the student’s school diary.


  • How to communicate with class teachers to know about child’s progress?

MyGIIS, is an in-house portal through which parents can regularly connect with teachers and the school. Every Wednesday, the school teachers stay back to meet parents who have concerns regarding their wards progress or any other inquiry. Appointments can be fixed in advance which helps parents to stay in touch with the teachers.


  • What about achievements and placements?

Some of the best universities visit our campus year on year, during which our students get to interact with their representatives to find out about their future prospects. Our students have been placed in some of the best universities in the world. Details are available on website.


Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) and Co-Curricular activities (CCA)

  • What are the activities offered under ECA and CCA?

Our Extra-Curricular Activities, Co-Curricular Activities, and sports involve a gamut of options for students to choose from and the list is available with the teachers.


  • How can we select ECA/CCA?

Class teachers provide a list of various activities available to students under the ECA and CCA programmes. Students can select an activity of their interest.


  • Are there any additional cost involved for ECA/CCA?

No , there is no extra fees for ECA and CCA which are conducted during the school hours from Monday-Friday. All our coaches are well trained.


  • Do the children have to stay back for ECA/CCA?

ECA/CCA are part of the students’ daily schedule, and are conducted during school hours only.


  • Can the student change the ECA/CCA activity?

Till Grade 6, the child can change the activity annually. After Grade 6, the teachers encourage the students to hone their skills by focussing on the selected activities, and develop an expertise for the long run. For sports oriented students, we have the Gold Squad Programme.


  • What is the Gold Squad Programme?

Gold Squad is a programme which offers specialised training to students in five selected sports, from experts in the field at no extra costs. Under GSP, students learn the nuances of Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Soccer and Tennis by coaches who are experts in the field, to help them excel at a higher level. Students trained under the programme have often represented GIIS at the national level.


  • Does the school conduct Olympiads and any other competitive exam?

Yes, school conducts Olympiads and encourages students to participate. A registration fee needs to be paid to participate in these exams.


  • How much is the fees?

Please view the fees details here


  • How many payment Terms in a year?

There are 3 terms for payment in a year:

Term 1 ( April - July )

Term 2 ( Aug - Nov ) and

Term 3 (Dec - March)


  • When do we pay the fees?

For Term 1, invoice is raised in February

For Term 2,  invoice is raised in June and

For Term 3, invoice is raised in October


  • Do you have monthly payment system for term fees?

No. The term fees have to be paid in one instalment


  • What is the payment mode?

Cash, cheque or Nets for registration fees and first time term fees


  • Do I have to pay anything more than the fees?

Payments for school transport, books and uniforms are in addition to the term fees


  • Do you refund fees if we take withdrawal in mid-term?

There is no refund of fees. For more information, please refer to the “Student Handbook” on MyGIIS.


  • How to apply for withdrawal?

The withdrawal process goes through four levels of approvals - Admissions, Principal, Accounts and Finance. It takes two to three weeks for the entire procedure to be completed, so it is advisable to plan the exit well in advance. After the last day of attendance, the finance team will provide a Transfer Certificate. For withdrawal from school, please log in to MyGIIS.



  • Do you provide bus service?

Yes. Our school runs an efficient and extensive bus service to cater to the travel needs of ours students from all around Singapore. It takes 5 working days for the service to begin after the e-contract is generated.


  • Can school bus drop off and pick up point be different?

No, the Pick-up and Drop-off points are usually the same, to make it easier for the drivers to identify destinations, and for the safety of the child.


  • How much is the Bus fee?

The fees depend on the distance of the school from the child’s home. This is divided into three categories:

Zone 1 - Students staying within a 3 km radius
Zone 2 - Students staying 3 km to 10 km radius
Zone 3 - Students staying beyond 10 km

Bus fees are mentioned in the Fees section of the website, and are payable term-wise along with the term fees.


  • Is there a bus aunty for Kindergarten?

Yes, We have a bus aunty in all the buses for kindergarten, who manages the welfare of the travelling children.


  • What happens if a child gets hurt in the campus?

Child is referred to our ‘Sick Bay’ immediately where first aid is rendered to him/her immediately. If the situation calls for expert intervention, the child is referred to the nearest clinic and parents are informed. Parents can submit the original bills to school for any claims from insurance company.


  • Do you have medical centre in the campuses?

Yes, every campus has a Sick Bay and a qualified nurse


  • Any after care / day care / hostel provided by school?

No , there are no such facilities.


  • Is there a cafeteria?

We have a cafeteria which provides both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. The students can use their Ezlink card to pay for the food. Grade 1 students are encouraged to bring food from home. From Grade 2 onwards they are allowed to buy food from cafeteria.

Smart Campus FAQ

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