GSF Initiatives


The Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Universal Values works to inspire a passion for peace in students by embracing and teaching the tenets of Mahatma Gandhi. Click here to learn more.



Under the mentorship of pre-eminent sportsman Mr. Chandu Borde, the Chandu Borde Global Cricket Academy (CBGCA) embraces our principles of a holistic education by providing students the chance to learn the game of cricket alongside crucial leadership skills. Click here to learn more.


  • GCEE

The Global Centre for Educational Excellence monitors the standard of education being provided to our students across all GIIS campuses. Using best-of-breed technologies to assess student performance and Quality Circles to analyse and improve learning outcomes, GIIS campuses have won multiple awards for delivering a quality education, largely due to the efforts put in by the team at GCEE. Click here to learn more.