Skill based Learning


The world is changing rapidly and technology is redefining every aspect of life. The future will require multi-dimensional skills in order to cater to the new opportunities that are being readily generated.

At GIIS we believe in offering skill-based learning to develop multi-dimensional skills in our students.


Over 42 dedicated skill-based studios like, Ceramic Studio, Radio and TV Studio, Culinary Studio, Music and Dance Studio, Centre for Robotics &  Artificial Intelligence (AI), Maker Lab, Graphic Design Studio, successfully implement the skill-based learning module.

By integrating modern teaching methodologies with cutting-edge technology, we ensure that learning goes beyond books and students learn unique skills that are futuristic and make them ready to face 21st century challenges.



Radio Studio

A specially designed Radio studio with professional-grade production specifications like sound proof room, latest recording and editing software, and a professional Radio Production Trainer will give hands on exposure to students to create content, record conversations and conduct interviews.

TV Studio

A well-equipped TV Studio teaches Film & Television Production techniques to the students that includes camera, lighting and recording techniques, as well as hands-on experience in video editing. The TV studio is packed with latest equipment like 4K quality cameras, live production camera switchers, light control panels for broadcasting including new generation platforms like YouTube Live and Facebook Live. A professional TV Production specialist provides training to the students.

Environment Lab

The Environment Lab provides a congenial space for students to explore innovative solutions pertaining to environmental conservation. The lab has an adjacent open terrace where students can practise concepts like urban farming and prepare for a greener future.

Ceramic Studio

Ceramic Studio is a haven for students who want to learn the art of making pots and objects from clay. The lab is equipped with all the necessary equipment like electric potter’s wheel, electric kiln, modelling tools and different types of clay.

Culinary Studio

The Culinary Studio integrates the best practices in culinary education with practical methodology, to teach students the art and science of cooking. The state-of-the-art studio comes equipped with a chef station, multiple workgroup stations, video cameras to capture the chef’s cooking and display them on a large TV screen placed, latest cooking ware, induction based cooking and a professional chef to train the students.


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