Bridge Programme

The programme as the name suggests is to build a bridge between the new student and the existing batch.

For students who join the GIIS family mid-year, we provide a specially designed programme that helps the newcomers catch up with the existing batch of students.There are 3 main admission seasons which will get catered to through this programme - July, September and January.

The support would include:


Study Material

Study material will be given to students who join. The printed study kit will help them go through the lessons which they have missed. The class teacher will also provide photocopy of the notes taken by students.


Teacher Support

Special classes are set up for January joiners in Grade 1, which are separate from the regular Grade 1 classes. Students here are taught a special bridged version of the Grade 1 course which focuses on concepts that prepare them for Grade 2. 

Mid-year joiners for Primary Grades 1 to 5 are grouped together in their respective classrooms for special focus and attention.

In case the newcomers find it difficult to cope, teachers provide extra practise material. Teachers also work along with parents to help the student improve.  

For students of senior sections (Grade 6 onwards), the bridge classes will soon be introduced for subjects like Literature, Maths and Science. Currently, these students are helped through study material and peer support.


Peer Support

Peers also will help new students come up to speed. This will primarily happen during school hours- During free period and break time. A senior student or a bright student from the same class will be identified for coaching the new student

At GIIS, we offer a curricula aimed at nurturing student growth in the most effective way. Our programs include:


Open House

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