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About CBSE

CBSE syllabus is a deep and vast curriculum that requires a lot of learning and understanding on the part of the student.
We, at GIIS, understand this and have developed a unique method to impart this education that will help students imbibe it in a way that gives them a worldview that is bigger and deeper than textbook knowledge. Our award-winning 9GEMS holistic framework encourages students to focus on sports, technical skills, soft skills and skills required for the 21st century besides academic excellence. This is the core of a CBSE curriculum.

As a result, students excel not just in studies but also in all aspects of their non-academic education. Those who have a longer life cycle at GIIS tend to be future-ready and confident from a very early age. 


The CBSE Curriculum

CBSE at GIIS is an interdisciplinary approach where knowledge, principles, and values are applied simultaneously to all academic and non-academic pedagogy. 
With nearly 17 years of experience in offering CBSE in Singapore and six other countries, GIIS is a pioneer among International schools to bring this curriculum to nearly 200,000 students around the world. 

  • At the primary level, our unique Spiral Learning Method helps students develop an in-depth understanding of the subject as they climb higher in their educational journey.
  • At the secondary level, we give students the freedom to explore through learning outside the classroom to get practical experience as part of clubs and groups. We also focus on the important tenets of learning like Communication, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Creativity and Care to encourage their all-round development.  

This holds true even when students join in the middle of the year, as students get enough guidance and direction so that they perform well. 
This wealth of experience in imparting knowledge is made possible and enhanced by the quality of our teachers who come with Bachelors's degrees and above in Education. 

The strength of our faculty can also be gauged by the fact that they regularly participate in training and capacity building programs conducted by CBSE.

A dedicated Academic Supervisor ensures that the curriculum is successfully implemented in a way that benefits students to the maximum.



Our Results

The success of our teaching methodology lies in the results. 
Our students have consistently scored well in their board exams, scoring high marks that place them comfortably in universities and colleges of their choice.

Toppers are well-placed in the Boards and their percentile is something to be proud of. 


University Placements

With a great score in their finals and a thick portfolio of activities in school, our students have been ahead in bagging seats in Universities of their choice to pursue courses of their interests. As many as 50 world-renowned universities have been accepting our students in their colleges year after year. 

Our student counselor ensures that the students get the correct information and good guidance way before they pass their boards so that they are ensured admissions at the university level. 


CBSE Assessments and Outcomes

At GIIS, CBSE is a student-centered curriculum that involves a continuous and comprehensive evaluation system ensuring that performance standards exceed expectations. 
Through customized platforms like Detailed Assessment, Personalised Adaptive Learning, HeyMath! and others, we add a layer of assessments to the classroom learning which not just suit student requirements and parent expectations, but are in addition to the CBSE framework.  
Additional programs like Coding and innovation boot camps, STITCH and Robotics enhance learning


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