Global International Primary Programme (GIPP)

Introducing an enquiry-based curriculum that helps young learners turn into explorers

About GIPP

The Global International Primary Programme (GIPP) for Grades 1 to 5 is an international curriculum based on global best practices in education. This concept driven curriculum is designed to ignite sparks of curiosity in young minds and to nudge them into critical thinking which will convert into a dynamic learning experience. GIPP is currently offered in East Coast Campus only.




GIPP takes on an enquiry-based approach to learning which keeps students engaged in the process of knowledge gathering. Activities under GIPP are designed to fit an environment that keeps the students at the centre of the process, and encourages them to be involved through active participation. Teachers act as facilitators and observers in this entire process of learning.   


GIPP also concentrates its energy on giving tasks, projects and assignments to students which teach them to work in groups, to collaborate and to share information with each other in order to enhance their knowledge. Learning happens in a fun and interactive manner and students learn the importance of teamwork and discussions to solve problems.


This approach encourages students to discover answers to key questions such as “who am I, where do I belong, what is the importance of the environment which is around me”. This method weaves a story which moves from subject to subject to teach the students the essence of each topic.


The programme includes preparing students for 21st century needs and focuses on robotics, AI, coding and other life skills like Art and Drama, community services, creativity and languages.

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