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Established in 2006, GIIS East Coast was the second campus started by the Global Schools Foundation in Singapore. Catering to students from Grade 1 to Grade 6, the campus encourages holistic learning and collaboration among students for a firm foundation and overall growth which develops them into happy learners.



Located in the heart of the East Coast area, this is a campus of choice for families of all nationalities living in and around the east. The diversity experienced in the campus comes from its multicultural neighbourhood. 


The campus is spacious and sprawls across 8.8 acres which translates into dedicated spaces for learning, extracurricular activities, sports and green areas. The spaces encourage collaboration between teachers and students in an indoor as well as outdoor environment. The students are also involved in maintaining and nurturing  green spaces in the campus. These dedicated spaces give the campus its unique characteristic of being spacious yet cozy.


The Primary Programme at GIIS has a three-pronged approach designed to ensure all-round development of a child. The three focus areas of the programme are Academics, Value Add-ons for Skills-Development and Enhanced Sports Programmes. This approach helps teachers focus on students’ capabilities and work with them to enhance their overall performance.



Learning is planned and focussed around academic concepts which are introduced at an early age. As the students move up into higher grades, the complexity of these concepts is increased to suit their capacity. The teaching methodology for the learning process is designed like a spiral which emphasizes on delving deeper while also focusing on rising higher in a given subject.


The Programme has value add-ons for skills-development to support deeper learning at no extra cost. These include:

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths):

It involves hands-on learning of these four important subjects through projects, with an intention of providing in-depth understanding of important concepts. 

  • HeyMath!

This is an online tool for students which aids understanding of, and honing skills in, Mathematics from an early age. At the same time, it makes Maths more engaging for students.

  • Detailed Assesment (DA)

This online diagnostic tool keeps track of each student’s progress in Science, Math, and English, and assesses their level of understanding and knowledge, allowing teachers to educate and test proactively rather than reactively. Along with these academic tools that are part of the school kit provided to the students in the beginning of the year, the Programme also offers additional programmes like boot camps for Robotics, STITCH, Coding and Innovation at a very nominal charge. These value add-ons and boot camps provide students with exposure in current and relevant areas, and help them be future-ready.


A primary student at GIIS gets the best of both worlds, as the rigour of academics is balanced by sports through ECA, PE and Gold Squad. The programme ensures adequate time is apportioned to physical activities and sports. In a week, students have Yoga, Physical Education, ECA and Gold Squad along with other CCAs.

Interested students are encouraged to join Gold Squad, a programme which provides them with special coaching on the basis of their talent and proficiency. Adequate training is given to groom them to participate in competitions at  inter-school and national levels. Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Badminton and Cricket are the five sports included under the Gold Squad Programme.

All activities in the three-pronged curriculum are planned to ensure each child gets ample time to learn as well as enjoy sports, thus making each day a fun-filled experience.



The school conducts regular Teachers’ Training Programmes to enhance their skills. All GIIS, teachers are Apple-certified, which means they are trained to use Apple products like iPad and MacBook for curriculum delivery in the classrooms.


The campus has the distinction of being honoured and recognised with 18 international and national awards for excellence in education.


  • Global Performance Excellence Award 2017
  • 3 Stars Awarded for Quality Circle - 23rd Asia Pacific Quality Conference 2017, Manilla
  • Special Award - Best in Leveraging Technology for the Quality Circle - 23rd Asia Pacific Quality Conference 2017, Manilla


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Dr Chinnadurai Amutha, Senior Consultant, Department of Neonatology, is a mother of two children who have studied in GIIS East Coast campus.

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