Faculty and Student handbook

Holding strong academic credentials and vast teaching experience, GIIS' faculty forms the backbone of the school's vision to nurture global citizens of tomorrow. The exemplary achievements secured by GIIS students over the years in both, academic and non-academic spheres owe its merit to the motivation, dedication and guidance of the school's well-qualified and trained faculty.

The faculty functions as 'facilitators' in the process of learning and maintain an open communication system with the students. Teachers are well-equipped to integrate the use of technology in the classroom environment, and use it effectively to plan lessons and prepare assessment reports.

Access to a large pool of teaching resources ensures that teachers are abreast with the latest trends in education and are able to implement them, whilst delivering diverse international and Indian curricula, including:


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GIIS Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is prepared as a guide for parents and students to be acquainted with the policies and procedures of the school, to be followed during the academic year.