Primary Programme


The Primary Programme at GIIS is a 3 pronged programme to ensure all-round development of child in that age group. A child of 5 to 12 years of age, is in the accelerated mode of growth, both physically as well as mentally. While their brain is developed and can take a lot of information, we at GIIS ensure that learning is not a burden but a joyful experience. Lesson plans and timetables are planned to make all days filled with academics and sports activities. The 3 pronged approach helps teachers to focus on concepts in academics and identify the child’s interest in sports and nurture it.

The spiral learning method focuses on a phenomenon of moving from Concrete to Abstract. As the concepts are introduced at an early age, the method of teaching involves using of physical object and as the child moves higher up, the teaching moves to abstract like numerical in maths.

ACADEMICS - Spiral Learning Method

The Academic planning is focused around concepts. Introduction to concepts is done at an early age. As the students move up to higher classes, the depth and complexity of the concepts increase.

This method of spiral learning helps students to develop in-depth understanding of the concept as they go along the journey of education. This also ensures that only a required amount of academic pressure is put on the child.

This clearly results in ensuring our students develop a lifelong love for learning and are productive.

ADD ONS - Value Added Academics

The Programme has Value Added Academic add-ons to support the learning and to make it enjoyable.

These add-ons are at no extra cost.

It helps students focus on key learning areas and concepts.

  • STEM- Science Technology Engineering Maths: Every student gets STEM kits from school. The kit has 8 experiments, that students need to use during the academic year. These 8 experiments are mapped to the concepts taught during the year. STEM equips students with understanding key concepts, through creating working models and to understand real life use of these concepts.
  • Hey Math: An online tool for students to understand Mathematics and familiarise themselves with the joy of learning and hone their mathematical skills from an early age. The tool ensures that every student not just understands the topic but gets to practice it in-depth. It helps students overcome their fear of Maths and focus on self-learning for diagnostic testing and identifying learning outcomes.
  • Detailed Assessment popularly known as DA: are online practice tests. Students get to take these tests in school as a part of extra practice. These online exercises help teachers understand every child’s strengths and weakness in that particular lesson or concept.

Along with these Academic tools that are part of the school kit provided to the students in the beginning of the year, the Programme also offers additions like Robotics, STITCH, Coding and Innovation Boot Camps at a very nominal charge. These Value add-ons help students to be future ready and provides exposure in current and relevant areas.


A Primary student at GIIS gets the best of both worlds, rigour of academics supported by Sports through ECA, PE and Gold Squad.

The programme ensures 40% of the time is apportioned to physical activities and sports.

In a week, students have Yoga, Physical Education, ECA and Gold Squad along with other CCA activities.

Sports is taken very seriously from a very young age. Students are encouraged to take up one Sport of their liking in their ECA. Sports department and their respective coach, keeps a keen eye on each student's performance and are constantly identifying talent in various sports.

Talented and interested students are encouraged to join Gold Squad.

Gold Squad Programme provides students with special coaches, to train them to participate in inter school competitions and at National level. Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Badminton and Cricket, are the 5 Sports under the Gold Squad Programme. The SMART Campus has SPEDAS technology to analyze the performance of the players and teach them better strategies. This Programme provides students with specialized coaches and school facilities at no extra cost.

Assessments and Achievements

In classes 1 & 2 there are 4 assessments in a year. A small number of portions are given for the test. The answer sheets are marked and given to the students but it does not reflect any marks. Achievements are in the form of Grades

  • For 3-5, there are 2 major assessments in September and March. They are termed half yearly and yearly.
  • They also have 2 periodic tests in May and November.

There are also bite-sized assessments conducted in the class after each concept. (In the form of a quiz, group project or short tests).

Communication and interaction

All contact through MyGIIS mail. Teachers have been asked to respond within 24 hours unless it is a weekend, public holiday or vacation time.

  • We have 2 formal parent-teacher meetings in a year. All parents are invited to register for the PTM using the MyGIIS feature.
  • The 3rd PTM is for students whom the teachers wish to meet, who have been identified for needing more guidance.

Parents can take an appointment with teachers on Wednesdays between 3:45 pm to 4:30pm to address any other concerns.

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